Virginia Endocrinology and Osteoporosis Center
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  Welcome to the Virginia Endocrinology & Osteoporosis Center

At the Virginia Endocrinology & Osteoporosis Center, our goal is to provide you with  highest quality, compassionate healthcare from a dedicated team of all board certified endocrinologists.

Why the Virginia Endocrinology & Osteoporosis Center?
   In the current health care environment, due to the constraints set forth by insurance companies, health care can be frustrating for many patients due to short visits and long wait times.  

By carefully designing a practice that allows for longer patient visits, by ensuring more face-to-face time with the physician, by limiting the number of patients seen daily, and by utilizing state of the art technology, we are able to provide a level of individual attention that many patients thought was not possible.   

Our personable endocrinologists take the time to comprehensively evaluate your health, answer all your questions, develop an individualized plan for optimizing your health, and ensure continuous and timely communication with you and your primary care provider. 

We offer direct communication with our physicians and staff through a secure online web portal called the "patient portal."

What are our areas of expertise? An Endocrinologist is a specialist in glands and hormones.  We specialize in diabetes, thyroid conditions, osteoporosis and bone disorders, cholesterol, pituitary disease, adrenal gland disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, male testicular dysfunction, medical weight loss, and a variety of other hormone-related conditions. 

What procedures do we perform in the office?  Our endocrinologists perform thyroid ultrasounds and ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsies (fine needle aspirations) in our office.  We also perform bone density testing to diagnose and follow osteoporosis.  

Where is our office located?  We are located one block from St. Francis Medical Center in Midlothian, Virginia.  We are located at the end of the Powhite Parkway (Route 76) where it ends just beyond the intersection with Route 288. 

We are conveniently located within a 25 minute drive from downtown Richmond, the West End of Richmond, Petersburg, and Colonial Heights.  

Parking is conveniently accessible within 15 feet of our front door, labs are drawn in our office, and we are conveniently located adjacent to the diabetes education center. 

How do you schedule an appointment?  To schedule a consultation, we request that you ask your primary care physician to fax us a referral request and a copy of your medical records.  We look forward to participating in your healthcare

Please visit our official office website for more information via the link below:


                         Our address and contact information is as follows:

                                          2384 Colony Crossing Place
                                           Midlothian, Virginia 23112
                                               (804) 423-3636 phone
                                                 (804) 423-3637 fax

                      We look forward to participating in your healthcare.




                Jeffrey Sicat, MD                          Ben Phillips, MD

                Cynthia Ryan, MD                        Akta Mukherjee, MD

                Kelsey Salley, MD

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